Overcoming Burnout and Depression

Step in and reach the fulfillment and happiness you long for!

Start regaining your joy, peace and creativity in an easy & relaxing way. You only have to let yourself spoiled.

We created for you a 360 degree program, where our team of experts will help you reach the most rewarding goal: happiness!

Our target: your wellbeing


Through our Burnout program we will eliminate the effects of stress generated by a fast-paced work environment or any other events that influenced negatively your wellbeing. Will target the cause and help you gain successful and proven strategies to manage stress in the future.

Recognizing Burnout

More and more people feel overwhelmed and exhausted by work or family responsibilities. But they don’t immediately realize that they are close to a serious Burnout. Nevertheless they lack power, can’t cope with their duties anymore and lack motivation.

If this feeling of exhaustion takes over you and you can’t engage in anything anymore, then you are already experiencing a Burnout.

The way to overcome it


We created these exquisite programs for you to overcome in the most pleasant & efficient manner such blockades. You will be provided with medical supervision, stress release techniques, sport activities, therapy, life-coaching and mental strategies, hypnosis and self-hypnosis techniques. And all in the wonderful surroundings of the Swiss Alps.

Individually tailored programs

We all have different needs. We find ourselves in different points in life and have more or less time.

Our purpose is to help everyone overcome Burnout and regain energy. Our programs are thus diverse, as the needs of our clients. Find the one that best fits you: